How to cool your house without Air-conditioning by Robert Tronge

One way to cool your house is to use a ventilating fan which can cool an entire house or even a single room.  The benefits are that it does this at a fraction of the cost which can save Robert Tronge some money.  Not like osculating fans, that just move air around, vent fans push hot air outside while pulling cool air inside.  Using the windows you can direct the air flow to which room you wish.  Types of fans include Attic fans that are permanent, but are the most powerful.  Windows fans that adjust to your window.  Box fans that can be moved easily.  According to Robert George Tronge to pick the right fan you need to measure how many cubic feet of air that you need to pull.  For example: a room 25 feet by 12 feet with an eight foot ceiling contains 2,300 cubic feet of air/  Multiply this by 1/3 gives a CFM ratting of 785 in which the fan needs to move.

Lets take an in-depth look at the different types of fans for the job:

Attic Fans - pick an opening to the outside that is as large as the fan blade in order to push the air properly.  Screening and blinds can all reduce the pressure of the outgoing air flow and therefore reduce the CFM rating.  There also must be a door or other opening that can release the incoming pressure to the rest of the house.  Direct connect fans are much quieter then the ones that use drive belts to operate.  Some also have thermometers that can turn them off when the temperature reaches a certain point, thus reducing your electric bill, says Robert Tronge.

Window fans are less powerful then you attic fan, but they can serve you in more limited spaces.  They are also an option for those why may not have an attic that would allow outside ventilation.

Box fans are by far the cheapest option and can be set up temporarily in any window ort doorway by Robert Tronge.  The down side is that you have to set them up each night which can be a real hassle.

Picking the right window to set up your fan can also be a challenge.  You will want to pull air from a cooler spot that is shaded by a tree, porch, or the side of the house that is not facing the sun.  The point is to pull the cool air from outside and push your inside hot air out.  So draw from one side of the house and push to the other side creating a breeze through your whole house.




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